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Throttle Problems / Vsc Off / Check Engine Light


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I have a 99 ES 300. When I first purchased it I had to take it into the dealer 3 or 4 times because the VSC and VSC OFF lights kept coming on. They eventually replaced the car's computer and that remedied things... until now. About three months ago the VSC and VSC off lights started coming back on. But now they only come on when I try to accelerate quickly. The acceleration is very slow and sluggish and as soon about 5 - 8 seconds after I push the gas hard, while in the middle of accelerating, the VSC and VSC off lights come on. And just recently the Check Engine light has been coming on with them. If just the VSC and VSC OFF lights come on all I have to do is turn the car of and restart it and the lights go off. If the Check Engine light comes on with the other two lights, I have to unhook the battery and then they all go away until I accel again. Can someone PLEASE tell me what I need to replace or fix here?

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