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Many times members DO NOT know the year of the car someone may be asking about. :huh:

Albeit not many, but there are differences between years. Responses to querys can be correct for a certain year but may not be applicable to the car being asked about.

Many have the year as part of their forum name; for others, already a part of the forum, a simple addition in their profile can place the year in the signature that shows with each post.

Am I overly 'uptite' about this??---not really, but think it would save misreferenced 'fixes' and many posts within a topic just to get to the bottom line: What year car are you talking about?????? ;)

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1994 ES 300


We all agree and know it is not only a good idea ,it is a must to get an answer.

I tend not to bother replying when someone hasn't taken the time to fill in all the blanks as much as possible and leaves all the guess work,like year mileage and other stuff.

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