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Paint Scratches


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Any suggestions are appreciated...- recently purchased a used 2006 RX330 - car was backed into and I now have a few scratches, as well as a cracked tail light. The crack in the tail light is pretty minor, but the scratches are not. Any ideas out there on a typical cost estimate if I take this in to the dealer and/or is this something I can take care of on my own with a repair kit? Thanks in advance.

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Having put my self through college fixing up & flipping distressed cars (starving college student thing), find someone like I

In lieu of that, It really depends a good deal on the exact damage and how particular you are and where you live. Allot of body shops have a computerized system which gives them all the same inflated time estimate. Make sure you tell them it out of your pocket, look forlorn, sometimes helps

There is a also a freewheeling cottage industry of mobile dent and bumper repair outfits. I would only use them if they are refereed to you from a high end reputable detailing shop.

Yo are probably looking at $200-$500 (unless they can be polished out).Remember that Lexus badge on your car extends to your forehead. Your marked.

Regards, PK

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