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Help! Lost My Car Remote For My Lexus


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I lost the remote for my lexus es300 1996, the thing is that the car has been sitting in my friends parking lot for about a month or two because I drive my other car lexus and I am finally selling the lexus es300 1996 so I drove the car out of my friend's parking lot and parked it by my house. I dropped the alarm when I was walking home so now I have no alarm and I need to move the car because their is no parking tomorrow or I will get a ticket. I have the key to my car and I can open the doors but the alarm will go off for about 2 minutes and then it will stop. I can not start the car because it will trigger the alarm.

It is a factory alarm with the little red light by the steering wheel blinking, pls help.


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Hello ITT and welcome to the LOC :cheers: If your car has the factory alarm system, unlocking the car with a key should deactivate the alarm. Are you sure you're turning the key all the way to unlock it? I used to have a Mercedes that would be quirky with that. Maybe you could try unlocking from the passenger side?

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