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No Spark After Engine Swap Help


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Hey, I got a 01 ls430 that overheated. The heads are warped and there was a piece of metal in my oilpan that looked like steel wool.

So I went to a local junkyard and got a 03 ls430 engine. The accident it was in cracked the front oil pump cover, so I swaped over my oil pump cover.

Anyways, make a long story shorter, after my engine swap, my engine has no spark, and I dont even think the injectors are firing because after many cranks I dont smell fuel in the exhaust. It has fuel pressure though.

We did pull out the 3 fuses in the fuse box under the hood driver side front so we could prime the engine. The efi main relay and efi 1 and efi 2 fuses. I wasnt sure if i damaged it when I put it back in with the key still "on" position. I heard it click like 3 times really fast. It seems ok when I used small jumper wires and powered the relay. I heard a "click".

Is there anything else I should check? I remember there was a toyota I worked on that was getting no fuel, and the problem was this huge $80 relay under the driver dash.

So yeah, no spark on both banks, I reused the coilpacks form my overheated engine, and almost all other sensors are off the engine I got from the junkyard engine that was involved in a crash.

One more quick question, Near the oilfilter, I have one 2 wire plug that is not connected. One is for the oil filter assembley and one is for the crank pulley, but one of them I dont know where I took it out from, or if it wasnt plugged in the first place.

I also noticed I could not find the wire that plugs into the steering rack.

Its the fully loaded model with air bag suspension with all the options. Thanks in advance

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For such a detailed and specific problem as yours, you may have to wait a bit before someone who has had that issue comes along. I've noticed guys here don't like to shoot from the hip (I need to watch that ;) ) so you may not get a response til someone knows for sure.

As far as the manual is concerned, I remember scanning a post somewhere here that mentioned there was a website that you had to join, then it would allow you to download PDF manuals, I believe. I think you have only one day to do it as a trial.

Do a search for 'manuals' and you may hit it.

Exploded views were mention as well, I think.

Good luck.

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Have you checked the crank position sensor? I am betting it is bad. Rotate the crank by hand and you should see the values rise and fall as the sensor passes each one of the reluctor wheel located on the crank. (unplugging the sensor and checking it with a DVOM) it should be a two wire sensor I believe. Start there. If thats good then check to see the injectors are firing using a little injector light tool you can get from autozone or your DVOM to check voltage when cranking. Those should be good starting points.

oh and the 2 wire sensor near the oil housing is probably the oil pressure switch. The crank sensor goes into the block near the front of the motor to read the signal off the reluctor wheel I was speaking of earlier.

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