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Updating 2002 Gps


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The updated information on the disc which contains updated map info and so on is updating your nav. You find the latest version compatable with your nav system, and let it reload your system. Done. I would call the dealership service deptartment to find out what disc version is out for your car, and then look around on Ebay to get one if you want to save a few bucks.

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thanks for answering.

I did buy one on looks like a high quality copy, though...another I just put it into the cd player? Is there a process to it?

Re the you know what an original disc looks like? Is there any kind of image on it? This one is blue with lines and in small print has the pn, etc. I think it is a laser print on a generic dvd but can't be sure.



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Post a pic and we can tell you if the disc is OEM or not.

To update the system, simply remove the original navigation disc and then insert the new navigation disc (of course the electrical power has to be on). Then wait a few minutes and the progress bar updates and then you will be done. Nothing really for you to do other than to watch.

Remember that the dvd has to go in to the navigation drive and not the cd/dvd changer for the audio system!

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I will get a pic posted in the next couple of days as I decide whether or not to keep it. I need the money more than the update, I think. It was an impulsive purchase.

So, where is the nav dvd vs. the stereo dvd? well, of course I know where the stereo dvd player do I differentiate the opening of one from the other? Is the nav dvd in a different location?

Sorry for the duh factor. And appreciate your answering.



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