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Trouble Auto Pairing Blackberry Pearl (verizon)

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Hi I am new to the forums. I did use the search function but couldn't find an old thread that properly captured my problem.

I am having trouble with auto pairing my Blackberry Pearl (Verizon 8130) with my 2007 Rx 350 via Bluetooth.

I can manually pair the Pearl to my Lexus and use the phone and phone book. The problem is that when I return to the car and restart my car, it can't recognize my Pearl and I have to start the whole process again.

Not sure if it is lexus or blackberry setting I need to change.

My old Verizon LG VX8100 automatically paired with the Lexus after startup.

Any advice on getting the thing to auto pair?

Thanks in advance. :)

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Check the Lexus LetsTalk website for pairing instructions. Make sure the handset doesn't have a hidden setting like some Motorolas.

Make sure the 'Auto Connect' feature is switched on in the navigation system. Press the INFO button, touch 'Telepone', touch 'Settings', then touch 'Auto Connect' if the yellow bar does not appear.

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lux, you mentioned that when you restart the car, it doesn't recognize your Pearl and you have to "start the whole process again." Does your phone totally disappear from the system and you have to re-register the phone from scratch? Or is the phone still showing in the system and you just have to manually connect it every time?

If it's the first thing, I had the same issue very recently on my ES350 (Discussion Link). The local dealer service dept. had never heard of the issue before and had to replace the NAV display and now it works fine.

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verizon has problems with bluetooth period..... i've tried many many different verizon phones and if you even find one that pairs period your doing good.... i'm yet to find one that will autopair.... att and other providers i haven't had any problems with just verizon....

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