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Check Engine Light 2001 Gs430

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My engine light on my 2001 GS430 is on. When I went to the mechanic he told me the computer say it is PO420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold bank 1 and 2, and that each convertor would be $1,250 each. My car runs excellent so it was hard for me to believe that it could be bad. Can anyone tell me were to find a cheaper catalyic convertor or can it be the sensors.

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The first thing you need to do is find a mechanic, because the feller who told you that isn't one. One converter MIGHT fail, but usually the converters are busy responding to something else upstream, like the ENGINE, and that's what triggers the O2 code, if in fact the code is for the O2's. The pre-cat O2 checks fuel trim, the post-cat O2 checks converter performance.

Don't spend any money yet on parts.

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