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I'm just curious to hear what you think are the cars in all the Lexus lineup that are the most problematic to the least. I'm not talking reliability or putting down any model, just problems. Or maybe that all are about the same.

On the number of forum posts I see, does that reflect on the number of problems or the number of cars that are out there?

I know some of you have been here for a long time a must have an idea of this from all the information you've gathered over the years.

Just something to talk about.

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You can't take the experiences here as indicitive of the brand, this isn't a real cross-section of all owners. Certain model owners are just more likely to join forums, some models sell more units (the RX and ES out sell the rest of the brand by a far margin).

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After thinking about my question I see that it can be taken as trolling and second, yes SW03ES the cross-section here isn't a fair indication of real world stats. Alot of Lexus owners don't know they have this wealth of info here and on other sites.

I humbly apologize, silly question.

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