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For You Hypermiling Hypermorons


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Rant On:

For those hypermiling folks out there not satisfied with your 35mpg civics, and feel the need to drive 15mph below the limit, coast with the car off at 50mph, stall out at the light because your battery has finally died due to constantly turning the car on and off "not giving the alternator a chance to recharge it". TAKE THE MOTHER :censored: 'N BUS! And get the hell out of my way! Geezzz...what's up this week with drivers? Idiots everywhere. Got stuck behind some kid in a new civic this morning going 35mph like a yo-yo in a 55 mph zone. I couldn't get around him either due to too much traffic at the passing points. I could tell he was turning the car on and off up and down the hills. He pulled into the same gas station as me, and I asked him if he was having car troubles. This kid got flippy with me and said "Honda's don't have troubles, unlike Mazdas". Well, that ticked me off, and I was in no mood to be messed with. I told him "maybe so, but at least I've got a f :censored: 'n engine that works". He then proceeded to pull away, gave me the bird, and said " it, you old *BLEEP*". That little punk got back onto the road, going the same direction I was going, but I was still fueling the car. When I got out on the road, there was a freakin TRAIN of traffic behind this kid.

If you can't afford to operate in a normal fashion, I feel for you. But do not think for one second that gives you the right to negatively impact those around you that can afford it. I understand you've gotta do what you've gotta do to get by these days. But, have your pimple faced peckerwood buddy kick in a $10 spot on gas and drive like a normal person. Otherwise, somebody is probably going to yank your butt out the window and beat the snot out of you!

Rant Off:

PS: He had a Hillary sticker on his car. Everybody in Chapel Hill has that damn sticker "or Obama", along with peace on earth, save the whales, impeach bush, hippy-love, not my war, yada yada yada....all over their oil burning, out of tune, old Volvos. Makes me want to puke sometimes!

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Sounds like a pretty cool kid! hahaha what an idiot.

Like hypermiling is the coooooooolest new thing to do!! As far as I'm concerned that's the worst thing you could do to your car! Shutting it off, turning it on, shutting it off, turning it on, throwing it from N to D to N to D to N to D while on the highway.

I could care less if someone does that but I totally agree NC. COME ON!! If there are people behind you at least have the decency to grow up and drive like an adult. Funny that all he can do is make some crack about a Mazda...and he's driving a CIVIC! haha :D

Also, my buddy got 33.4mpg out of her 1996 Mazda MX-6 V6. All from the good old fashioned art of using the cruise control, and not having a leadfoot!

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