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Yet Another Airconditioning Question


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EPR Valve.

I have done some research about this little beauty.... I have a leak when i put it on the tester, it holds to about 250 lbs and then leaks out of the flange between the EPR valve and the piping body that the valve attached to.(4 little phillips screws). I took it apart, the o-ring looked fine, and the rubber that is attached to the shuttle looked fine, and no problems with the flange... Added some ester oil to the seals anyways and reinstalled.

Result: Holds to 250 again and then leaks from the same spot.

From what i understand is that this part is obsolete. The o-ring on the shuttle seems to be the only thing possible to change on this piece, but I am not so sure that will fix the leak, as the o-ring seemed to be in very good condition still.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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My suggestion is to change all o-rings you can see, any time and every time you open up the system. One time on my Volvo, I had tried to trace my a/c leaks. They were occuring everywhere. I didn't want to spend a fortune replacing every component on an old Volvo, so I replaced the o-rngs instead to see if I could get it working without spending much. After replacing a couple, then testing to find the system was still leaking, I decided to replace them all. It worked. For the Volvo it was the most common weak link. For the LS, I'm not sure, but it doesn't cost much to replace.

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