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Funny Story....need Help Please....

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Hey guys,

hoping a new community can maybe help a 'brotha' out...

So long story short i installed subs in my 97 es300, ran all the wires and used the stock subwoofer for the the line converter.... 4 months later (today-ish) i blew the stock sub by cranking it. SOOOO i left it alone for a while and then i remembered that my stock sub was blown one night when i was drinking so my dumb !Removed! went and cranked up the radio and pulled out the knife and chopped the 2 signal wires to the factory sub.


smoke started to emerge from the glove department and i freaked out (a bit drunk remember) so i verified that my car wasnt on fire and left it alone.

so today i went to look at it and the wires are dead. my stock sub is dead. and my car has an electrical burning smell....

any ideas to get the subs back on the road????

my idea is that i burnt the wires from the the amplifier to the stock sub. like by the amp, or i Fuxored the stock amplifier... i still have all speakers so i kind of ruled that out. but i know i did something...

please guys anything will help!!!



its not a problem with the after market amp, its an issue with the original sub signal wires from the stock amp to the stock sub....

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