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Just Bought '02 Ls430


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Thanks again for all the helpful posts on this site. The car is great, 75k miles, fully serviced at the Dealer with all paperwork. Black on black. Just noticed that I know have 3 Lexus's (Lexii ?). I didn't consciously make that decision, but it worked out like that. I guess I'm a Lexus man.

Coming up on 75k service and the dealer wants $150-350. $150 is just oil change, rotate tires, check brakes. $350 includes ATF flush. I have an independent mechanic that I've taken my other cars to. I feel bad taking a car that has full documentation to an indy, but really... these prices are ridiculous and I'm not going to sell thae car for a long time. (My 94 sc400 has 183k miles and always serviced at my mechanic.)

Am I right?

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I wouldn't hesitate to take the car to your regular mechanic for basic maintenence. You don't need a certified Lexus Einstein to change the oil and rotate the tires, or to flush the tranny. Now to do a timing belt.....that's another story. If you have a good mechanic that knows the Lexus really well, then by all means use them.

I got stuck on a road trip in Ft Lauderdale, my starter died on my 98 LS, a friend recommended his mechanic to do the job, I was a little nervous about letting an independant do the starter R&R. Went to the guys shop, nice big clean shop full of Toyotas and Lexus', the guy did a great job, new his stuff about the Lexus, and all for $850.

Enjoy your new ride


98 LS 400

93 LS 400

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