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Brake Pilot Light


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More info would help. Like yaer. Also when does light come on. What are you doing or not doing? What does light look like. Some folks confuse the check engine light or bulb out light for the brake warning light. Did you do a search? Lots of things can effect the light. Again depends on the year of your car. Have you had to top off fluid? How do brakes feel? Do they or the pedail fade???? Are you making sure barking brake is fully released.....

We can't help you if you don't give lots of info and have not done a search first.

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As I said, it's the brake pilot light.. not an engine or any other kind of light. The car is a 93, and the fluid is where is should be however, a bit dark. About 3 months ago, I had the disks resurfaced... as they were wavy and vibrated when stopping hard. Now they are fine... However, I do feel that the stopping power isn't what it should be... Today, I'll have my mechanic change the fluid, and check pads for wear... Other than that, it might just be the sensor on the brake fluid res.... Oh, mileage is around 119K.


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