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New Tire Help With 1992 Ls400


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Hey guys,

After reading the forum searching for answers it looks like the Michelin MXV4 are the tire to get for this but I was looking at some other options. I had Michelin's on my last car, a Camry XLE and I replaced them with Goodyear Tripletreds and overall liked the ride more and felt they had better wet traction. I'm trying to figure out the requirements for the 92 LS400, looks like I can't go with Tripletreds again because the rating might not be enough but the only thing I'm seeing as rated lower is the load rating and 99% of the time I'm driving alone. The Primacy is load rated at 94 and the TripleTred at 92. Would this be a problem? I've also looked at the BFGGoodRich, do I need the higher "V" speed rating? Again 75MPH is my normal speed on the highway and I almost never go above it, 80 tops.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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Speed ratings can be researched at most tire sites, your Lexus manual prefers a V-rated tire.

Alot of owners on here from what I can tell really like Bridgestone Turanza's. I just got my set on (don;t ask, we have late summers and I had new wheel buying issues), and I like them so far, but a good long drive is needed to qualify that.

H-rated is a safe bet, but it will(according to speed rating nomenclature), possibly lower your avoidance and reaction speed from steering wheel to road.

Anyways, lunchtime is over, good luck, and let us know what you chose!

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