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I Need A Help


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How are you guys ??

I have ls 400 98 model i lost my remote key & i dont have amaster key but i have the silver key which they call it the volatile key

i ready bought anew remote key but i dont know how to program it : when i asked they told me that i have to re-program the security computer & this because i dont have the master key & there no onother option

Soooo What do you think guys ??

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We think that is some very bold font.

How about some help. "A" help may not work :)

Actually, it's called the Valet key.

Just opens a few things.

What you have is the metal tag with the code on it. It allows the locksmithy to cut a new key pattern based on the 5 digit number on the tag.

This will give you a master key that will open all locks, door, trunk, glove, etc.

As far as the remote is concerned, as long as you have that number, and your VIN, (correct me here guys) you can order a new transponder, but it will need to be matched to the base unit located, I believe, in the trunk. They will have to pull the chip in the trunk unit, and the key, and re-program both to match.

Get ready to spend some $$$$$ for the privilege of a remote.

Good luck

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