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Tires Ls400`

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Hi all,

Been looking around for a set of four P255/60R16 'V' rated tire tires for my 1995 LS400.

Firestone dealer has suggested the following: Bridgestone Turanza LS-H 225/60/16. H rated, (rated 130 mph) 'A' traction and 'A' temperature rating.

I believe Lexus calls for a 'V' rated tire which is rated about 140 mph. This is just a little bit too fast for me. 'H' rated gives me 130 mph, which I still don't think I'll ever attain.

Will some the members be kind enough to share your opitions, both pro and con, regarding the Bridgestone Turanza 225/60/R?


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CanadaCraig did a lot of research on this in the LS forum - did a great job.

But - it may have been lost in the great "crash"..... ;)


the Turanza got GREAT REVIEWS!! WET/DRY/SNOW/TRAC/TREADLIFE/ and most important...

VERY QUIET. Sounds like the best tire out there. He has them ordered and will have them on within a week or so.

He got the "v" rate tire because all the specs were superior to the H and T

Go to TIRERACK.COM and you can find your way to a CHART COMPARISON....

I need some new ones Too! If they are as good as they rate out; then their worth the $ :D

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Great tire! ran them on my wifes car. I think if the car can go over 140 ( and it will ) better stick with the rated tire..... ( you never know when you might get the feeling to open her up ) :cheers:

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Hi Huskyak!! :)

Read the messages [if you like] in the following 'topic'.

Bridgestone Turanza LS tire Information

On Tuesday [December 16th] I had my Michelin X-One's replaced with brand new Bridgestone Turanza LS-V's. I'll let you know what I think of them after I've had a chance to drive the car more. [my car is at the Lexus dealer - until Thursday - having the a/c filter replaced and a wheel alignment done - plus a couple of other things]

I hope that helps!!

Craig!! :D

ps thanks for the pat on the back 99lsguy!! :D

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