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Lexus Track Meet

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I just bought a manual SC300. I also run track events and was wondering if the Lexus community ever went to track events to test out their cars and skills?

My group is having an event at Laguna Seca on January 2 (day after New Years day) to work off burgers, potatoe chips and beers. I'll post some info about it below. We have instructors, timing equipment, and reasonable (what seems to be break-even:)) pricing.

Feel free to contact me by phone, email, or PM.

BTW, does anyone go to the track with Lexus'?


SpeedVentures at Laguna Seca Friday January 2nd, 2004!

Base Price: $275 one day (signups after December 24th will include a $30

late registration fee)

Instruction:$30 per day instructor fee required for first-timers

Duration: 1 day / 1h,45m - 2h,20m hours of track time per group!*

Track: The full track at Laguna Seca (Monterrey, CA)

Registration: Registration is open at the SV site:

Timing: There are transponders available for rental

Event Info:

Laguna Seca is a legendary 2.238 mile track in Central California, and one

of the two most in-demand tracks in the west. Come out with us and you'll

get the best track time per dollar value you'll see at Laguna. Test your

skills on the world-famous corkscrew and compare your times to those set by

the big names of ALMS, NASCAR, CART and the stars of yesteryear!

Note: Noise Restrictions at Laguna Seca: There is a noise limit of 90db on

this track, and basically a guy sits off to the right of the track and takes

noise readings. If you go over the limit, you will be black flagged and told

to go into the pits and figure out a way to quiet the car down. People with

loud cars (like Lexi :D) will need to make adjustments for this


There is no aftermarket rollbar requirement for this event.

* Depending on attendance and how much people drive - L.S. imposes strict 25 car limit.

Aaron Bitterman


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Wow sounds like fun with all those people out there with JIC and tein coil overts for there GS,IS and SC there should be tons of people there. I have only seen the orange team lexus track cars and i think the yellow pair in the scca.

I would love to be there for this event.

Any idea why tyhey have a noise requirement since you are at a track?

And around how much is it for a day/

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