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1992 Ls400 Rear Of The Car Shakes


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When braking, the main action is that the caliper pistons, and therefore pads, clamp down on the rotor. There's not much to do with the struts, and everything to do with the condition of the calipers, pads and rotors (and ABS system).

What do you mean when you say "the brakes are fine"?


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I noticed the same thing but it only does it when gently braking at 40+ mph. and it feels like it's coming from the front. No shakes when I slam on the brakes.

I've been hoping it would go away if I get the wheels balanced but after reading this thread I am now concerned it might be something else. (I have'nt had the chance to get the wheels balanced.)

Is there a way to determine if the shaking is caused by:

1. wheels that need to be balanced.

2. rotors that need to be resurfaced.

3. warped rotors.

My pads are at 50% per Lexus dealer. I think it's at 25% when I peeked at it after taking the wheels off to examine the suspensions.

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There are a couple things that could be, but I dont think a misbalanced wheel is one of them.

More likely than not it is a case of warped (even slightly) rotors. The LS is a heavy car, and the older ones don't have the huge front brakes that the newer ones do. That equals more heat on the rotors, which equals warping. Not a big deal, they just need to be machined, or if they've already been machined a few times they'll need to be replaced.

Could be a manifestation of a bad motor or tranny mount (a stretch though)

Doubt its a misbalanced wheel. With a misbalanced wheel you'd be looking at a constant vibration between specific speeds. For instance, if you were saying you got a light vibration betweem 65-70mph then I'd say misbalanced wheel.

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Thanks. I'll just get a pair of new rotors.

Take wheel off, take caliper off, remove screw take out rotor, put new one in, push out brake pads and put ebverything back. I think it's that simple...

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No, just have the mechanic, or you, wipe the surfaces with some type of brake cleaner or solvent to remove any machining oil that may be left.

Since your front brakes do most of the braking, I would want to check them out when a problem shows up on the rear. Rear brake problems are usually a sign of weak fronts.

I have a friend that has a SC400 that when you brake fairly hard, feels like some one it hitting the back of the car with a hammer. I assume this is simular to what you're talking about. I fyou brake his gently, you don't feel the problem at all.

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