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Ok, here are some links I have found that were posted in the past here. I plan on doing some updated ones for the forum myself, but here are these atleast just for now. These are links and props should go to those who put thier time and effort into making these.

Removing painted pin stripes

Where can I get an 02 sim?

MAF and IAT cleaning

Fog light mod

How To Change Your Headlights

Replacing Your Head Unit with Metra and Avid D-3

Oil Change

How To install coil overs

How to paint your brake calipers

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hey folks.

i have an 01 IS300. the illuminator light on the dash and the running tail light just stopped working the other day. already spoke to a couple mechanic buddies and they say either the fuse is blown or the tail light bulbs. Checked a fuse but it was good. may have checked the wrong one (currently working on finding the right one). any kind of help is worth it!!

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