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Can I Get Rid Of The Confounded Beeping?


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I just bought my 1996 and y'all have been very helpful. The car is wonderful and for the first time in years, I have a passenger seat that I can actually sleep in without my entire upper body losing every drop of blood it has. However, as an air traffic controller, I listen to beeps, alarms, bells all day, and each has a different meaning. So when my wife adjust the A/C or radio, the annoying beeps wake me up, just like they do at work. (Not that I would ever sleep at work...really)

I can't find in the owners manual how to turn them off. Is this possible? Thanks!

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I like the the cute lil beeps! haha B)

But There is a button under the steering wheel around the driver's shins if you want to turn off/on the beep of the keyless.... thought maybe I'd help you out with one of the beeps that come out of these beasts :) lol

Doesn't the keyless beep have an adjustable volume in the 3rd gens???

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