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Your Daily Suspension Settings For Es300?

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Hello, I have a '98 ES300 and I was wondering where you guys have your suspension settings? I'm talking about the dial below the transmission gate (beside the heated seat buttons).

How many notches below "SPORT" or above "COMFORT"? How often do you change it?


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I usually have it set to the 2nd notch from sport, unless the road gets bumpy, at which point I set it to the 3rd notch.

The 4th notch (comfort) makes me feel like I'm bouncing around all over the place.

If I'm going into a 270° freeway offramp or going over speed bumps, I'll dial it down to the 1st notch to keep the car more level.

Whether or not the suspension settings actually improve handling is up for grabs, but I like how it changes the feel of the car more than anything else.

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Its the wife's car and when she's driving the shocks are always set at comfort. Myself, I leave it in comfort around town because of the bumpy roads locally, but on the highway or in heavy traffic when quicker steering inputs may be required, I usually pop it into the highest setting. Personally I don't see a great deal of difference in the middle 2 settings, as they are too closely matched. However, there definitely is a difference between the settings 1 and 4.

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