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Cigarette Lighter

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Hello everyone, I have a 94 300 and the cigarette lighter doesn't work. I don't have power to it. I have checked every fuse that I can find and none seem to be blown. Is there a special hiding place for this fuse, I would really like to know before I have to disassymble everything to make sure that the lighter didn't come unhooked from behind the ashtray. If I do have to unhook everything where do I start? Thanks

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I have the same problem too, but sometimes there is low voltage in the socket cuz i tested it with a 12v bulb. I also took out the cup holder / ashtray assembly and inspected the harness and the socket but everything seemed alright. Still no current!

Please I need solution!!!

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Seach under my name for the xm radio mod. in a few of those posts are links to removal of the console.

I had to pop it to re-wire the lighter to hidden status under the dash for always-on power to the xm unit (and now spliced for my gps too).

Essentially its 2 things you need to check - fuse or the wiring. the 12v is actaully tied into your radio fuse. the blue 15A one under/left of the steering wheel section of fuses. I know this for a fact because when (like an idiot) i accidently touched wires and grounded the lighter when trying to adjust it. a nice pop and burnt fuse was the result. I needed a 4 pack of fuses to complete the mod lol.

get a voltmeter. will save you tons of time. as there are a few possible reasons its not working. could be the fuse, the wiring that got cut from the compartment opening/closing (wires are hidden on the edge of the tray underneath, I could see them getting snipped by the edge if the alignment was askew) or it could be the plug end itself.

volt meter will allow you to test all of those things and quickly narrow it down. replacement is actually easy. a hour or 2 at most if you dont have a clue about wiring/soldering. 20min at most if you do. part is sold at autostores as female cig plug. cost 4.99$ CAD up here for mine.

removal is easy.

slim trim under the radio between the radio bottom/cupholder pop out edge.. small screwdriver to pop it off. under that trim is 2 screws, remove them. **** SET YOUR EFFIN BRAKES AND HAND BRAKE + LOCK YOUR WHEELS **** you need to sadly move your shifter to a lower gear to remove the trim around it. or else it will be super tight and scratch the hell out of anything you touch while you are trying to take it off. you dont want the car rolling while you are removing a wood trim!!! THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS so just do it. now, the big panel around the shifter slide a screwdriver under the bottom of the trim where the top of the handbrake normally rests, pop it up, twist sideways and remove the entire thing. 2 screws just under the ashtray bottom edge remove them.

take the TOP of the ashtray part, slide it towards you, then lift it out straight up.

no scratches to anything. yay!

now you can disconnect the wires, volt test or change the piece out.

hope that helps :)

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