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Nav Touch Screen Not Working


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Just picked up my 2002 sc tonite. funny thing was happening the touch screen on the nav was not working for about 5 minutes from intial startup, kind of like the screen had to heat up a bit before i was able to use it? after i got home and turned the car off and half hour later started it up again the same thing happened. anyone have any ideas?

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My wife and I have a 2001 LS430 with a NAV display that is "climate sensitive". The car was bought in NJ in the summer of 2010 with 17K miles and spent two months in Harrisburg PA before we took it to British Columbia in the fall of 2010. During the summer in PA occassionally the touch screen would not respond - sometimes for a week or two. While the car was in BC, we had no problems with the touch screen. In January 2012 we brought the car to Florida and had no problems until the summer. Then the touch screen became inoperable. Florida - summer - hot - humid .... like PA in the summer. Sure enough when the temperatures and humidity dropped in October the touch screen would work intermittantly. By November it was operating flawlessly. My wifes suggested that maybe the humidity was causing a poor connection to short ... makes sense to me.

After spending many hours on this website last fall, I would like to believe I found the fix in this forum piece:

The car now has 65K miles and we are about to take a trip into the midwest and upstate NY. I will take it to a auto stereo shop to see if they can do the repair --- and fix all the blown door speaker and subwoofer diaphrams while they are at it ....

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