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Limp Mode No Code


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i have a 92 sc 300

the car keeps going into "Limp in mode"

and the check engine light stays on

I jump the e1 and te1 on the diagnostic port

and no code, no flash

only the engine light stays on

I jump e1 and te2 for run diagnostic

no code, no flash

some times i can leave the efi relay out over night

and it will run like normal but,

the trac light and trac off light is on

check engine is on

and it gives me a code 55 which is rear knock sensor

but replaced that and check all wiring

no change it will still just go in "limp in mode" randomly

Any help appreciated

while im on the topic. why would toyota do something so stupid as put a Limp mode on a vehicle

i am damaging my car more because of this limp mode than what ever problem is causing the car to do it

thank god for obd2 . i wish i would have gotten a ob2 car.

i have technology to read ,interact and stream sensor data on obd2.

but this obd1 toyota tech. NO. my buddies......NO ....other shops i know people.....NO

so my only two options are to spend the $600 to add tech no my systemor pay the dealer to make there guess.

i wish they would just let me loose in there shop with thier technology.........i wouldnt do it either though....hmm

i guess i am ranting

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