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Help With My 94 Ls 400


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I have had my 1994 LS 400 for about a year now and it has been a great ride until about two months ago. The check engine light started turning on every now and then but the car would still ride smooth. I noticed that it was using more than usual gas so i decided to check what codes it was throwing. After testing, I found that it was code"25". That code is air/fuel ratio lean. I then spoke with a tech at lexus and he told me it was my main O2 sensor, but that the O2 sensor would not cause my car to waste more gas. Before the check engione light ever turned off i could get 320 miles on a full tank, and now I seem to get 200 miles on a full tank. :angry: What do you guys think??! :( ;)

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actually it would. If it's reading to lean, it will tell the ECU to make the mix richer to compensate. Once that compensation is out of the peramters set, it will throw the cel.

And you may want to check the injector seals to make sure.

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