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Any Ideas On How I Can Upgrade My Ml Sub In My Es350?

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Hi, I have an 07 ES350 with the ultra luxury package and mark levinson sound system. Overall I love the system, it has the best sound quality out of any other stereo I have ever listened to! The only thing that I hate about it is the face that the rear sub is weak. Whenever I play hip-hop tunes or jazzy music the sub distorts unless the bass is turned down really low, which then makes it not sound as good. I have already blown the woofer once and Lexus replaced it for me!!! what I want to do is keep ALL of the factory system EXCEPT for the sub in back. I want something that is going to sound good and I want it done right, without lowering the car's value or making it look tacky!

I want everyone's opinions on what would be the best avenue/equipment I should do with and how I would get it installed right.

Also, if at all possible I was hoping for one that had a kill switch that I could link to the front just in case I have folks in the car and we just listen to the factory system!

Any ideas?? Thanks a lot everyone!!


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