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Jeremy Clarkson Comes To America


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Anyone else notice that the red convertible Mustang he was driving was the V6 model and not the GT model like he thought?? That's laughable! You'd think that somewhere along the way someone would have caught that glaring mistake. I love the match-ups he concocts to get the results that he's looking for. Ohh gee, I'm completely shocked that a $90k M5 can blow a $40k SRT8 300 away. Really?!?! Hmm, imagine that!

He completely misses the boat on what 99% of these vehicles are designed for. An Escalade has no more business being off road than a Camry does. Other than a couple clever similes every now and again, I don't find him to be quite as amazing as what a lot of people think. He's just another predictable auto journalist who has a bone to pick with America for some unknown reason. I did have to agree with him on the Prius (or as he says Pry-us) though!

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Very funny video. I watched the whole thing.

I agree with you Blake. The match up's were way fixed. Even though he did make some good points along the way, most of it was obscured by complete suggestive opinion, and not really fact. The SUV test case in point, everyone know that the Escalade and Hummer are posers and not really designed for that. They are just family buses, although the Hummer does and has allways puzzled me.

I do agree that the Ford GT is awsome. I disagree with him takeing British credit for it though.

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The premise is pretty obvious. It's all staged for controversial

entertainment. With his bias, he stirs the !Removed!, which gets him

his audience and gets us talking. Great production values though.

I'll give him props for not editing out his mistakes on the track.

Then he ends with the GT, and whether you like him or not, you

wiind up agreeing with his choice. Clever that.

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I've watched this a couple of times now, as I actually liked it. :rolleyes:

If you listen to him after he talks about the mustang, he does say he likes the car anyway. He says that about a couple of the cars he trashes. I do agree with his Cadillac review, but I don't think it should be called the most expensive sports car ever made by american. It should be called the most expensive Cadillac made at that time. And when he talks just about the build quality of the American cars, I have to agree with him, Amercan cars haven't been handling and suspension, brakes, chassis, or transmission advanced in years! I hate how cheap and plasticy feeling the interiors of american made cars feel. And even though they get to claim 500 HP, it's out of these huge liter motors. It's the most heated agrument that my dad and I have had over and over. He's faster, until there are corners involved, and then I allways win when we race each other on the track. His Mustangs just can't go fast on a real track. And if he modify's the whole car for track set up, then yes, it does go fast, but for less money, and fewer mod's, I can make an Evo 8 way faster on the track, and that's a 4 banger with a turbo!, or an RX-7 make a Mustang GT look silly slow.

Now, to be fair, Americans don't seem interested in road racing courses. ( I happen to prefer this kind of racing over all others, and then 1/4 mile racing is second.) Look at the World GT cup racing. Ford is involved with it's Falcon devision, and GMC has the Opel. They do well in their respective classes.

So, here is what I think is very interesting. In the last 20 years, Ford has held the European car of year title 5 times with the Mondeo, the S-Max, Focus, and the Scorpio. GMC does business in the UK as Opel, and held it twice, although they were both back in the 80's if I remember right. Chrysler hasn't seen any real success since the 70's over there, but I think we all know why that is. So, I don't think it's the Manufacturers, I truly beleive it's the american market, or what the car mfgrs percieve the american markets to be. Which would explain why during the 80's and 90's, the #1 selling cars here were the Toyota Camery, the Ford Taurus, and Honda Accord, while over in Europe are the Peugeot 207, the Volkswagen Golf, the Ford Focus, and the Opel Vauxhall Corsa.( 2 American based mfgrs in that list by the way!) All these cars are, or atleast look like half the size of the cars in the US. It's just a differrent lifestyle over there. What is wrong with that?

The number 1 all time selling vehicle is the Ford F150. It is so far in front as the #1 seller, if you took the Toyota Tundra, the Dodge Ram, The Nissan Titan, and the GMC Serria, and added up all the sales, you still wouldn't total half the sales volume of the F150! Why would Ford stop making trucks? Why wouldn't all the other car mfgr's want some of that pie? So he can bash the car companies all he wants to, but I don't see it quite like that. I see it as the car companies putting out what they think we want. And I would say they get it right about 75% of the time. Look at the SUV's and how many they sold to people who want them? I know the people who bought them know that they aren't going to corner like a Porsche, and take off like a Vette. It just so happens that alot of people don't care about that kind of performance. And for those of us who do, we find the right car for us, don't we?

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