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Lexus Dealership Needs My Lexus? '04 For An '08


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Hi guys i recently got this letter from my lexus dealership and i was wondering if anyone could clarify what this means for me. thanks (:

"Dear Thomas,

Due to great factory APR financing, lease specials and high demand for quality pre-owned vehicles, we really need your 2004 LEXUS GS 300. I would like to upgrade your 2004 LEXUS GS 300 to a brand new 2008 Lexus with a monthly payment at or near your current payment. Regardless of whether you're currently making LEASE OR LOAN payments or your vehicle is PAID OFF, we want to trade keys with you.

I have customers in need for you 2004 LEXUS GS 300 and in return, catch the keys to a brand-new Lexus or quality pre-owned vehicle of your choice. This is an exclusive offer for Jim Falk of Beverly Hills customers only and is yoru opportunity to drve away in a new Lexus today! Luxury has never been this affordable."

Is this just an offer for a new lease, technically? I still have some payments on my GS, this letter sounded to good to be true, what do you guys think?


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Its just a marketing ploy. They want to sell you or lease you a new car and are saying they can make the payments similar. Meaning the amount of the payment, which of course makes sense since the car is about the same price as you paid for yours in 04.

They're not offering you anything special.

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