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Hid Conversion

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I have a 2006 IS250. I am considering doing an HID conversion on the headlights. Has anyone done this yet? I am curious if anyone has any particular recommendations. Obviously I can look on eBay and see a dozen or so different kits. One markets his product as being the "original Japanese HID kit" where the others are said to be Chinese knock offs. Kits range in price from 50 to 320 bucks. The average seems to be around 179.

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I went with a Xenon Depot Xtreme kit and am very happy.

I liked the fact this kit has two fused wire lines you hook up directly to the battery for better fire up.

When firing those HIDs it takes about 17 amps a side.Better on the battery than the OEM lights harness.IMO.

Many others on HID Planet and other forums agree.

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OK so I'm also considering doing a conversion but I don't understand why you can't just plug in Xenon bulbs and be done, why is there a need for a conversion kit? Any help would be great thanks.

The Xenon bulbs require a starter and a ballast. Nowadays these are combined in the same little box that comes with the kit. It's kinda like the difference between a common light bulb and a florescent bulb. They require more juice to light up and a ballast to operate.

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