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Is Dte Available?


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Seems like a relatively lame thing, but is there a distance-to-empty readout anywhwere? I've looked, can't find one, and being a guy, I can't look it up in the manual.


Looking it up would be admitting defeat.

Anyway, I've noticed the fuel gauge is nicely linear, and doesn't swing to-and-fro like on most GM's pre-1992, so it would actually be useful. I've also noticed, from first click-off of the fuel pump to truly full, the tank holds about 2 more gallons, so while exiled to Oregon, we'll never have a truly full tank.

I feel a rant coming on about the utter stupidity of this 'full serve' law...I'll stop, now.

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Wait a sec, dude, *thanks* for joggin' my noggin. I didn't look under the *other* trip computer thing. Ours has the NAV system, which is worth doing without DTE, honestly, but still, it'd be neat.

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I've looked at both 'info' screens and DTE ain't there. Current MPG, MPG since filling is on one, the other has avg. speed since reset and a second trip odometer. All *but* DTE.

Hmmm, maybe I have it tured off on the NAV screen, but I can't imagine where it would be without being in the way...

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