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Changed My Oil Today On The 06 Gs

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Could the Toyota engineers make it anymore difficult to change oil?

Although the location is fine, the cartridge type filter on the 06 GS300 has alot to be desired.

It wasn't until I was putting the plastic shield back up that I noticed it had a trap door section specifically to get at the oil filter.

That really didn't bother me as I was putting in some brighter fog lgiht bulbs so the entire panel had to come down.

An hour later, the oil and fitler was changed as with the cabin filter and air filter.

Live and learn.

Interesting though, how the 2007 GS 350 went back to a spin on filter again.


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Next oil change, I'd love to see pics for 'how to' on this model Steve.

I wonder why they went back to the spin on filter for the GS 350?

I may just do the picture thing.

I would guess they went back to the spin on filter because all the service techs probably hated the cartridge type filter change or a bad publicity from the DIYers.


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Are you sure they went back to the spin on filter for the GS350?

Actually, no, not anymore.

I said that just after coming back from Autozone which listed a spin on filter K&N oil filter (HP-1002) and Mobil 1 (M1-102)for the 2007 GS350.

Since your post I have delved into more research and am finding that that printing in Autozone may infact be very incorrect. Those are infact the filters for the GS430 though.

I retract my statement about the filter on the 2007 GS350.

Thanks for making me think so late at night. B)

I still think it was a bonehead move on the engineers part. Nothing was wrong with the spin ons in the first place.


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