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Metra Interface & Avic-d3


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OK, so I'm replacing the stock head unit with the Pioneer AVIC, but I can't find a Metra TYTO01 anywhere.

Is there a way to use the stock amp WITHOUT the Metra?

All the searches I've done show that the amp turn-on is not 12v, thus the aftermarket unit won't turn on the amp.

There's GOT to be another way...

Has anyone done this?


2002 IS300

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I called Metra, and here's what they told me:

The stock radio and amp communicate via two wires in the harness; a red and a red/orange. This 2.4 volt line is actually a communication bus that the Metra interface sends a software code to in order to turn on the amp. You can't just simply put a voltage on this line and get the amp to work. (Yeah, but I tried anyway)

If you cut one of the lines, the amp stays on, but you can no longer change the volume on the radio. I even tried reversing the two signal lines just to see what happens, but the amp doesn't even turn on.

Looks like it's bypass time...

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You'll get much better sound doing a bypass and pushing your components with a decent 4 channel amp.... I added a Soundstream 4 Channel amp to my car and the sound was phenomenal... even so new 6.5" components in the front and rear are being worked on as I type this.

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Yeah, keeping the stock amp is somewhat a pain. You can keep the stock speakers, but if you change out the head unit, I would change the amp out also and direct wire everything. You'll be much happier that way with the stereo and the sound you'll get.

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