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99 Gs300 Tire And Wheel Questions

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I have a 99 GS300 with factory recommeded 215/60/16 tires. I am looking to purchase OEM GS400 17"x8" 5 spoke wheels. The factory recommeded tire size for the GS400 is 235/45/17. I checked a tire calculator and found the GS400 tire (235/45/17) is .83 smaller than mine, which is more than 3/4 of an inch SMALLER in diameter. It caused a red flag on the tire calculator chart because it's more than a 3% difference.

I am considering using a larger tire, the 245/45/17 (.47 smaller) but because it's wider I don't know if it will RUB the steering knuckle inside the wheelwell. The steering knuckle has about 1" clearance from the tires presently, with my 16"x7" OEM wheels.

With all that said, my question is: Has anybody used this tire size (245/45/17) on a GS300, with Oem 17x8 GS400 5 spoke wheels. And what sizes have you used that worked with this wheel.

I assumed that a GS300 and 400 were the same car except for the drive train. Am I wrong?

Also I was thinking of purchasing replica wheels from Anybody had any experiences with their wheels?

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