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Hello From A Newbie

Laurie Mills

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Hi from Calgary, Alberta. I've just joined the group as I think the questions and answers I've seen will be a great help in avoiding bankruptcy when something goes wrong with the car. It's a '93 LS400 with 256,600 kms on it but in great shape. The digital space ship dash display has been repaired by the previous owner at a cost just under $1,000 CDN. The temp display on the HVAC is black, like so many are but I'll leave it alone until I know the car better. We haven't even driven it much yet as we want to sell the car my wife has had since '94 before putting this one on the road.

cheers for now.

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Welcome to LOC.:cheers: How are things in Boomtown? I hear house prices are throught the roof. What are the fuel prices like? Should be cheapest in Canada since Alberta exports all the oil it can produce.

Yup, that's what we keep getting told. I put gas in a family car yesterday at $1.22.9 CDN a litre. I can't believe that's $5.58 @ Imp. gallon but that's what my calculator tells me. I'm told an LS400 is not particularly fuel efficient so this experience will be interesting!! So far we've driven the car for only a half hour test drive, but it has lived next door to us for just over 7 years so it's no stranger. The previous owner has almost washed the dark blue paint off. Even if not driven, it was washed. :rolleyes:

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Welcome, Laurie

This is a great forum, with many knowledgable people!

I looked through the forum before joining, and I joined because you're right....there's a lot of experience here. I've done most of my/our own car maintenance (and a vintage motorcycle too) so I know what a wrench is...but there are many many more goodies on this LS400 than on any other vehicle we've had. I expect I'll need the help at some point.

Are most of you running regular gas?


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