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Anyone Have Strutmaster Conversion And Like It?

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I think that conversion is for Air Suspensions. Air sucks as a suspension medium imho. Never could figure out why anyone would want one. Stay away from it is my opinion.

Our old steel spring LS 400 plowed like a pig on tight curves. The front outside wheel took all the load resulting in really bad understeer which I hate. I bought a rear swaybar from and it cured the problem with no effect on the ride. It kept the car flat in turns and had much better handling with no down side.

Our new LS460 is much better balanced but still has a bit of understeer and lean in high speed tight turns. Understeer is where you have to keep turning the wheel in as you go though a turn. Car manufactures like it because if you enter a turn way to fast the car just plows straight off the road leaving huge skid marks and you can't sue them. Race car guys like oversteer because the front end that guides the car though the turn stays put but the rear end slides out a bit. Sometimes if overdone a reverse lock is needed to correct. Not for the public in general.

But to much understeer sucks and adding a bigger diameter bar to the rear does wonders for fast turns. I'm waiting to get more time on the car before messing with it. It's no BMW in corners but still has a high G loads. I've done this trick to almost all cars I've owned.

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