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Lx450 Running Hot


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My 97 LX450 is running hot. Temp. guage rises just beneath the red, and sometimes will dip into the red.

The oil guage also fluctuates between the 1/4 and 3/4 mark.

A/C doesn't work (probably due to the engine running so hot).

When i shut vehicle off, i hear a bubbling sound from the coolant reservoir. My coolant hoses are also

pinched until i let the engine cool and let air in by releasing the radiator cap.

I've already brought it into the shop and they're telling me it's a blown head gasket, but i was curious as to what the rest of you thought.

The guys at the shop say the engine was running hot because we're low on coolant, we're low on coolant because we blew the headgasket. Is that probably why the oil level is fluctuating? because coolant is leaking into the oil reservoir ?

I also realize that it could be a failing water pump or a bad radiator, but I trust the guys at the shop would have speculated that. The vehicle has 97K miles and i've owned it since 59K. FWIW, the shop i bring it to specializes in Toyota Trucks and Landcruisers.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.


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I'm not a mechanic but I've read similar reports and the headgasket was the problem. The air bubbling in the reservoir I know is a common symptom.

The oil gauge fluctuates during normal driving. A warm engine will typically have low pressure at idle or stopped. The pressure will rise to 3/4 under acceleration and constant speed driving. Is your oil gauge erratic?

Do you know if this truck has towed a lot or if the coolant wasn't changed on a regular basis?

I believe they typically replace the radiator as part of the headgasket work.

Good luck -


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If you're going to continue driving it while you troubleshoot, keep an eye on those gauges and don't plan any long trips. Excessively high oil temperature eventually leads to viscosity breakdown (we've all seen the Casteroil commecial), resulting in decreasing oil pressure, followed by engine failure. If the cylinder heads get to hot, you can get detonation and eventually pre-ingnition - very distructive.


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