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Need A Tutorial On Changing The Alternator


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I need to change the alternator on my 1991 LS400 tomorrow, but sure would like a tutorial on it before I jump in. I have looked high and low and cannot seem to find one anywhere. Can I get to it from the bottom of the car... etc....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help.... I have learned a great deal about my car from you guys here at the forum.

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Quite simple...disconnect the battery...Disconnect the alternator....Loosen the alternator and move it until the serpentine is loose all the while torqueing the pulley bearing, top left, it moves. Remember serpintine position..make a drawing. Unbolt the alternator and replace keeping the torque on the bearing. Tighten up the belt with the new alternator bolted in loosely and tightening all the while, letting loose of the torque bearing. replace wiring on the alternator and hook up the battery.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! just what i needed......

by the way.... cool name!! :D

Be aware you might find getting the alternator out and in can be tight, tricky, frustrating and time-consuming.

Perhaps an experienced mechanic knows exactly the best way to turn it for it to come right out, but I did not find it easy.


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cant imagine gettng that thing out the top.... at least on mine i would have had to remove several things... did get it out the bottom though... took it to a local alt / starter repair place and the brushes were gone.. he replaced them for 30 bucks and everything is back charging well.

thanks for all the help...........

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