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Cracked Windshield

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My 2006 RX400h has been a very nice ride for over 2 years. I recently had a small rock hit the windshield from a passing truck between the top of the hood, just below the windshield wiper arm. A few days later, I noticed a small crack appearing above the wiper. Before I could have the crack sealed, it expanded up to the middle and clear across the windshield the same day, appreciably obscuring vision. Also a ticket getter.

I had the local dealer inspect the windshield and ordered replacement, driving off in their near new RX450 loaner. Due to the rock chip, it wasn't covered by warranty. Uh oh. The replacement total cost was $1719.00. At first, my insurance company started to balk about the dealer arranging the replacement windshield. The company they recommended had to purchase the windshield from Lexus, it turned out. That company was going to charge even more than the dealer.

The windshield replacement was done by the local Lexus dealer and according to my insurance company, at a very reasonable cost. We are both happy and I remain a very satisfied Lexus RX400h owner. Amazing.

Palm Desert, CA

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Wow, and here I thought my Corvette's HUD windshield was expensive ($1500)! Labor is often the killer, since a windshield shouldn't cost much more than 500 hundred dollars. Still, I'm glad you were taken care of.

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My 2006 rx400h gets hit by more rocks than any car I have ever had, and it is not just because it is black that you see them. In Oct. of 2007 I had 2 window chips patched for $75, and then coming ,back from Wa. state got a 6 inch crack that I had to replace the windshield that the insurance company paid $1100 less $100 deductible in Jan. 2008. 3 days ago I got another rock chip on the freeway on the new windshield.

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