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Oxygen Sensors 95 Es300

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A few months ago my girlfriend bought a 1995 ES300 with about 135K on it. We've been rather happy so far but the check engine light has come on and our mechanic told us it was the Oxygen Sensor and that it needed to be replaced. I've tried doing some research and apparently there are 3 O2 sensors, but the mechanic said he couldn't tell which one needed to be replaced.

Another mechanic wants $90 to check which one it is and $200 (Part+Labor) to change it. (Possibly $690 if all 3 need to be replaced)

So here's my question, Can you change them yourself? (If so how) and do the oxygen sensors go about the same time (ie should we just change all 3 now)

I've talked to a friend who owns an auto store and he says that the sensors should be about $90 so changing all three would only cost $270...

Any advice / experience / hope is welcomed.


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Welcome to LOC!!!!

I always suggest people buy a OBDII/CAN scanner. Worth there weight in gold, big time. Saved me alot in time and $$$$.

But go to autozone and they will test for free. Save you XX dollars. You can did it yourself, very easy and 1000 to 1 you will NOT need all 3..

OEM sensors are about $150 each +/- and aftermarket are from 30 to 90

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Thanks so far, going to head out to pep-boys and see what they have in terms of Haynes books / sensors and see if they have an affordable scanner.

If you can get a FSM online get it. There is a site (sorry I do not have the link) that will allow you to download FSM for XXX days , when you pay. When I did it, it was $9 for 1 day. I went nuts!

The haynes is okay but FSM is the best. I have a snp-on micro scanner and just bought another scanner. Snap-on upgrades are WAY to much money. I like the new one since it does CAN since OBDII is DEAD now!

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