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Good Morning All~ Newbie On The Forum

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hi all. newbie on the forum, figure i'd get some expert(?) advice/input from you guys before i make any decisions.

so.. i bought the is250 awd thinking that i'd keep it stock, drive it to work on daily basis blahblah. everything was good until my idiotic brother pulled up in his new cayman S. with wedding planned early next year, i can't go all out and change car, but damn... looking at the cayman made me want to fix up the car. so here's the bottom line. i have a WHITE is250. my plan is to..

-add 19" rims (NO CHROME) and springs to make it fit nicely

-add lips (this is the hard part, because i'm torn between lexus factory, JDM fabulous, vertex or anceltion)

could you guys give me some input? if you already have one of the lip kits, pros and cons? i've seen few pics online from vendors but i'd rather see real pics from real IS owners. thanks a bunch in advance and hope to read/see many great advices. THANKS!!

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Welcome...this place has great info for us owners. Tell your brother to check out

Oddly enough my two cars are a CaymanS (Lapis Blue) and an IS350 (Silver). For the IS I've tinted and put on new 18"s (black)... I'm not a real fan of the IS body kits, don't like the angular design of the nose pieces (but that's me).

BTW...what color is your IS?

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WOW! you lucky *BLEEP*!! lol jkjk

lousy philly weather kept me from buying an IS350. had to settle for awd. i told my brother to have fun during the winter time with his cayman and don't ask me for rides. LOL

how do you get around during winter time with 2 rwd cars? you must have a 3rd. my IS is white. i want to look clean, and not too over-done. def def NO CHROME.

now leaning towards factory lip set and darker rims (gun metal). and i want to order by end of this week before i change my mind. HAHAHA. oh my oh my.. my head!!

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