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Diy For Rotor?


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thanks, I just looked at that site and have printed material on rotor for the ls400 when i use to have one. Looking at the info, it looks like for the ls400 you had to bleed the brake line just to replace the rotor??? I really hope i don't have to do this for the ls430?

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What car does not require a brake fluid issue with brakes?

I am changing the rotor and not brake pads... i guess i should have rephrase the question a litter better.

Do i need to change or drain the brake fluid to change rotors? :)

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No, you do not need to mess with fluid to change the rotors. Simply use a 10 buck spreader tool to open the gap between the 2 old pads and rotor each side to allow the new pads to fit. BTW-I would never change the rotors without changing the pads. $100 bucks max cost, including pads and rotors. Make them match, like Raybestos rotors with Raybestos pads, and you'll have a heavenly ride. My 2 cars, an MX-5 turbo and my 94LS have been perfect since I changed them out. I love ceramics, too, they may not last as long, but they sure are quiet.

One time, I put new rotors on old OEM pads, and it sounded like a city bus. Best of luck.

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