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05 Ls430 What Is This Thing In The Auxiliary Box


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Could anyone please tell me what is this "black mesh" like thing on the auxiliary box in the dash (above the seat heat/cool controlling knobs) ?

I am very interested in buying this used '05 LS430. I haven't seen this car yet, but I am thinking of putting a deposit to hold the car. I just want to make sure that this not a cheap and horrible aftermarket modification..

Thank for your help...

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DUDE..... dude.... DUUUUUUDE......(taken from the commercial)

That is not stock.. and who knows what it controls..but I can tell you that it was originally a tray that pops out once you push it in... Do that and see where the wires lead you to..

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Thanks ScottMcc.. No offense to anyone -- I hate aftermarket modifications.. Would I be able to go to a Lexus dealer and have all the crap removed and put the original "box" back in ?

More importantly should I be worried ?

I also noticed this little black box on the edge of the trunk, above tail lights.. Does anyone know what is this one ?


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Thanks.. I get amazing help from this website...

So looks like this front and rear radar detectors are also after market..

At the expense of sounding ignorant, can I ask if I should be concerned about having these kind of things in the car ?

Would these modifications cause reliability problems later ?

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