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Atypical A/c Problem

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I have searched and read through old posts about error codes and such. Unfortunately, I can't even find error codes because the unit itself will not turn on at all. That is, pressing the AUTO button yields absolutely no response. It is not a fuse issue. Do I need a new unit? Thanks.

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i also have the same problem with my climate control, i drive a 93 sc400. up until a month ago everything worked fine but then the climate control stopped responding, the backlight will come on with the lights and the unit will beep when i press the buttons, any help??? oh the cig. still has power and all my fuses are good.

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Mine literally just blanked out this morning! However, I also have no cig lighter now, no front or rear defrost, no backlight for a/c control nor any beeps from a/c control. I checked the 10amp (volt?) blade fuses under the kick panel and under the hood (in 1st or second slots, can't remember) and they are still good. Is there another fuse or relay I'm not aware of? Thanks anyone :-)


Well, I replaced the fuse for the cigarette lighter (not the a/c or heating fuses which were fine) and viola! A/C controls back in order.

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