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Help Again Please!


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OK guys, no responses yet, I know someone must have some ideas. But in the meantime I have another question about the egr valve. Looking at the car from the drivers side there is a hose attached to the bottom of the egr valve that attaches to a hard line that goes into the top of the engine. When we disconnect that hose antifreeze is in the line is it suppossed to do that or do we have a major problem? I don't want to lose my lexus but husband is not a happy camper. Please help!!!

I need your help again guys, having another problem with my 92 ls 400, husband is again threatening to light a match!! Vehicle has been running fine thanks to all the suggestions I have found here about ps steering pump leak, etc. This morning when we started the car it seemed fine until we went to take off then the car sounded rough and there was no power. At first there was some white smoke out both the exhaust pipes but that stopped. Both catalytic converters turned red after running awhile and there was also some smoke from the engine compartment near the windshield. We were thinking it might be the catalytic converters need replacing but we are not sure is it likely both converters would go at the same time? After we replaced the power steering pump we had some problem with the fluid disappearing but not leaking and some white smoke we read on here somewhere where it could possibly be a valve on the pump where the vacuum hoses hook to. I can't find that thread again so I can't tell you what the valve is called. The person said they replaced the valve with a bolt and disconnected the vacuum line and problem was solved. So we did that and our problem was solved too until now. I don't know if that has anything to do with what is going on now. Can anyone offer any suggestions on what we can try? We don't want to go thru replacing both catalytic converters and then find out that wasn't the problem. You guys have been so much help in the past and I love my car.

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