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Steering Wheel Wood Question

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Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of the "cloudiness" on the wood portion of the steering wheel? It seems that my car doesn't have as nice a finish as it could in the steering wheel, which I'd like to shine up if anyone has some tips? Let me know if you get a second.


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A good furniture restorer should be able to diagnose what needs to be done to bring back the sheen you're after. In most cases simply polishing the section should bring it back, but the tricky part is just how thick (how many coats) is the final clear coat finish that was applied over the colour coat on the wood. It may be thick enough to be able to be polished out and brought back, but it may be thin and polishing it may burn through to the colour coat, necessitating removing the steering wheel from the car, stripping it right back to bare wood, and doing a total refinish job. You really need a professional to look at it and give you advice on how to proceed. Describing the wood's appearance as cloudy suggests that there may have been a moisture problem with the finish. You need an expert to know for sure. Good Luck!

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