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Abt Audi As5 (2008)


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BMW M3 Sedan

BMW raises the performance benchmark once again with the introduction of the 2008 M3 Sedan. Sharing the M3 Coupe's high-revving 414-horsepower V8 and balanced chassis that is designed to be "faster than its engine", the motorsports arm of the German auto maker, BMW M GmbH, is pleased to offer the most powerful, highest-performing M3 ever with four doors.




The all-new 2008 M3 Sedan and M3 Coupe that arrive in spring 2008 will feature the first V8 in a series-production BMW M3. It will also feature driver-adjustable settings for crucial dynamic controls including steering, damping and stability (and an available steering-wheel-mounted "MDrive" button to store the preferences) and a sumptuous interior that can be optimized to a driver's desires including the comprehensive entertainment/navigation system operated through BMW's latest iDrive controller.

Lightweight, efficient V8 at the heart of the BMW M3

Manual transmission, twin-disc clutch and Variable M Differential Lock

Power from the BMW M3 Sedan's V8 is transmitted to the rear wheels through a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox. The performance parameters of the M3 dictated heat management as a key design factor for both the transmission and clutch. The transmission features integrated temperature-dependent oil cooling management, while internal ventilation maximizes heat dissipation for the twin-disc clutch.

Engineering a chassis which is "faster than the engine"

Providing sure-footed responsive handling for a high-performance, powerful and luxurious sedan, while keeping mass under control, presented numerous challenges for the BMW M3's engineers. The result is a new, aluminum chassis developed specifically for this model. The design begins with placing components in such a way as to create a 50/50 front/rear weight balance.

Compound brake system

Latest-generation of Dynamic Stability Control

The electronic Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) monitors driving conditions and intervenes through the application of brakes and reduced engine power to stabilize the BMW M3 and help avoid major over- or under-steer situations.

MDrive personalizes the driving characteristics of the new BMW M3

Athletic, sporting stance separates new BMW M3 Sedan from the pack

The new BMW M3 Sedan looks muscular from behind, its design taking up the particular look of the car's front end. A discreet lip spoiler on the trunklid optimizes the car's streamlining and reduces lift on the rear axle. In its contours, the split diffuser beneath the rear bumper takes up the shape of the air intakes at the front of the car as the air guide and the dual tailpipes move towards the centerline of the car, visually contracting the rear end at the lower center point. A further feature is the circular shape of the four straight tailpipes in typical BMW M style.

Interior design oriented an active driving experience with luxury

The M3's leather steering wheel, with its thumb contours resting firmly in the driver's hands, provides an optimum grip for precise movement of the steering wheel. The spokes within the steering wheel incorporate the remote control buttons for the audio system and mobile phone, as well as the optional MDrive button. An additional auxiliary button may be programmed through the optional BMW iDrive system.

Safety begins with the body structure and continues inside

Technical specification

Engine: V8 3,999 cc

Max Power: 420 hp (309 kW) at 8,300 rpm

Max Torque: 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) at 3,900 rpm

Max Engine Speed: 8,400 rpm

Top Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) [electronically limited]

0-100 km/h (0-62mph): 4.9 s

Length/Width/Height (mm): 4580/1817/1447

Weight (DIN) (kg): 1605

Fuel Consumption

Combined: 12.4 liter / 100 km

City: 17.9 liter / 100 km

Highway: 9.2 liter / 100 km


Front: 245/40 ZR18

Rear: 265/40 ZR18

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Doesn't look any better than other 3's... Not really set apart from the rest in my opinion.

Much rather have an IS-F, but I will admit I AM a little biased to Lexus :wub:

Are you trying to say that the ISF is much more different from the regular IS series? It has the same kind of upgrades. Body kit, exhaust, hood bulge and bigger rims. I would much rather have the M3 since it's the original racer all the others are just imitations(Lexus, Mercedes, Audi)

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Lexus has never been designed for sporty racing cars. The ISF's track time is just SLIGHTLY better than the IS350, but you slap on at least an extra $10k on the price. M3s and the C63s were designed for that sporty, racing feel but BMW always comes out on top (unfortunately since I prefer Lexus and Mercedes over a BMW anyday).

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Top Gear & MotorWeek recently both reviewed the new M3, and both were left drooling on the steering wheel. Said it was completely breath-takingly awesome! I'd love to have one, but I don't see a baby's seat fitting in it "nor should it", and I'd have to sell my house, wife, child, dna, blood, and excellent credit score to get one. Not so much for the actual cost, but the insurance rates would kill me, because you KNOW I'd be in jail within days of taking ownership for going 180 mph somewhere. I haven't driven the speed limit since getting the Mazda in April 07 "got ticket first week we had it-1st one in 16 years". If I'm that bad with a 2.3 4 banger, imagine me with a V8 M3!!!

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