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Air Conditon

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i work at a heating/a/c supply house for the last 8 1/2 years in Memphis (mainly home/commercial but we do dabble in automotive) anyways u need a set of gauges to hook up (i use a quick connector too, its kinda like a quick coupler) and see if your low on freon! i just put a blend of freon into my 430 called hotshot(R-414b) (they claim it runs 15 degrees colder than 134a or r-22) this is a direct drop in for 134a or r-22 so you don't have to change ANYTHING and i can get the air down to 32 degrees in my car ! u might have a slight leak........i had to run another product we sell called stopleak into my es300 as i was leaking about 1lb a year and just got tired of adding freon every summer! my father now owns my old car and he has nooooooo problems with the air! you could have a leak on/at the orifice....... i dunno! couldn't tell you without hooking up my gauges! BUT you have a site glass on the drivers side where you SHOULD be able to see the freon cycling as the air runs...........any decent mechanic should be able to tell you if your low



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