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Stripped Oil Pan Threads


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Hope you guys can help me with this. I have done a search but see no discussion on this problem!

I have my oil changed at the local Toyota Dealership. This weekend the technician that did the oil change told me the internal threads on the oil pan were stripped and drain pan bolt was not going to hold well; probably over tightened by someone he claims. After reminding him that his dealership had done all the oil changes, he suggested the only solution to this problem was a new oil pan?

Can this problem be solved by tapping the oil pan threads for a new larger bolt.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Texas Big Dog

1997 LS400 - 140K miles


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try to retap the drain before buying a new pan.. Many people have done this and it works.. A couple weeks ago my neighbors spark plug blew out and stripped the threads in his Dodge neon.. Retapped it and put an helicoil in and it is holding no problem.. Kit was $30..

good Luck

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Is it really stripped??

plus if they've done all the work on it, it's documented, and they're at fault. If you need to talk to someone higher up the chain of command. If they can't help you, go higher.

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