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18" Wheel And Tire Size Questions For An 06 Es330

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Hi everyone - I am new to the forums. I just recently purchased a CPO 2006 es330. I absolutely love the vehicle. I have a couple of questions regarding tire and wheel sizes because I want to upgrade to 18" wheels. I am also looking to put some tanabe nf210's on her to get rid of that front wheel gap. Here are my questions:

I am looking at 18" wheels listed as 18x7.5 (BBS whels similar to the ones on the special edition camry or even trd wheels found on the 07) and 18X8.5 (oem wheels found on the GS). What's the difference and will one size be better than the other for the 330?

Tire size - I saw someone had 245/40/18's all the way around with some tanabe 210's. It looked pretty good. Lexus and toyota recommend 225/45/18's all the way around. I was thinking about 235/45/18's to get a wider feel, but if I lower the car with the nf210's, I am afraid my tire be in the wheel well? So then maybe a 235/40/18 tire might be the best option? Any suggestions?

Lastly, will I void my CPO warranty if I put the springs and tires on?

Thanks for all of you help. I am glad to be a member -Pete :D

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